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Visitors are welcome to visit the Parliament of the German-speaking Community! From the identity of the German-speaking Belgians to the functioning of the Parliament, you will learn a lot about East Belgium.

A group tour lasts about 60 minutes.

Please don’t forget to book your appointment early!
You can either call the Parliament's visitors centre, get in touch by e-mail ([email protected]) or use the form below.

Guided tours take place from Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 1 pm.

Interested citizens can also attend a plenary session without registering. Check our website for the upcoming dates!


The exhibition "Parliamentary Democracy and the Autonomy of the German-speaking Community" deals with the Parliament’s working methods and the history of our region. It shows the connections between the identity of the German-speaking Belgians and the development of institutional autonomy.

For individuals, it is possible to visit without registration. Groups should book their visit so that these can be guided.

The exhibition comprises several parts:

The citizen’s house

Portraits of citizens of the German-speaking Community, commenting on what is important to them, hang all over the place. The Parliament is first and foremost the house of the citizens. Members of Parliament represent the citizens, take their opinions and wishes into account, discuss these and then take representative decisions on the organisation of social life.


Some identity-giving features of the German-speaking Community are represented in the exhibition room on the ground floor. These include topics like borders, nature and landscape, economy, culture and language. They are both the origin and justification of autonomy. The exhibition is interactive. Visitors can see, touch and hear.


The picture of the German-speaking Community is rounded up with an excursion into the territory’s past.

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