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Coat of arms and logo

Coat of arms

Coat of arms

The heraldic animal of the German-speaking Community is a lion reminiscent of the lions of the ancient duchies of Limburg and Luxembourg.

The Eupen area belonged to Limburg until 1794 and the largest part of the St. Vith area belonged to Luxembourg.

The heraldic animal is surrounded by nine stylised flowers, the marsh gentian or gentiana pneumonanthe, which grows in the High Fens.

The nine flowers symbolize the nine municipalities of the German-speaking Community.

The coat of arms is dominated by the royal crown, underlining the fact that the German-speaking Community belongs to the Kingdom of Belgium.


Parliament's logo

Since September 2013, the Parliament has a new logo.

The graphic element, symbolising the typical semi-circular arrangement of Parliament seats, integrates dynamic and open circles. These circular lines are reminiscent of sound or water waves, as an allegory of communication between the population and its elected representatives. The movement of the waves can be interpreted in two ways: as coming from the outside or as coming from the members of Parliament. Furthermore, the waves are open for further communication with various partners at home and abroad.

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