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The Bureau

The Bureau is composed of the president, one or more vice-presidents and one or more secretaries. The number of vice-presidents and secretaries is determined by the plenary assembly at the start of the legislative period.

The Bureau is responsible for the internal organisation of the Parliament and for the planning of meetings.


The Bureau is constituted in accordance with a system of proportional representation of political groups, provided that each recognised political group in Parliament is represented. In addition, it must be ensured that the first vice-president comes from the strongest opposition group if the President belongs to one of the political groups participating in the majority. The secretary general also attends Bureau’s meetings.

The Bureau carries out the duties assigned by the law of 31st December 1983 and by the house rules. The Bureau deals with all administrative and financial matters relating to Parliament, its organs and the administration of Parliament. The Bureau shall appoint the staff of Parliament, with the exception of the secretary general. It determines the organisation chart of the Parliament's administration.


Das Präsidium besteht aus folgenden Personen:

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